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Coming soon!

The Camel in the Forest release date is going to be announced in the next few weeks!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this project, publishing this book has only been possible with your support!

The Camel in the Forest is a vulnerable account of my personal experiences immigrating to Israel and building a new life in an ancient home, but The Camel in the Forest is also a remarkable short history on the conflict in the Middle East as well as a poetic anthem to my unconditional love for Israel. 

The Camel in the Forest takes place before and during the Operation Guardian of the Walls, the 12-day war against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip in 2021. 

Written in the spirit of Meir Shalev and Yehuda Amichai and inspired by ancient Judaic texts, The Camel in the Forest will forever change the way you view Israel.

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This page will be updated with a link to purchase The Camel in the Forest when the release date arrives. 


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